Recently enamored with street casual, fashion is swinging back to dressing up. Kobi Halperin knows it, and he’s found success in just three years by offering approachable silhouettes with novelty embroidery and surface interest that make women feel confident and beautiful.

In searching for inspiration this season, he was taken by artists Ori Gersht and Jan Brueghel the Elder. Gersht, a contemporary artist, replicated three of Brueghel’s floral paintings from 1606 with silk and plastic, placed them in front of mirrors and captured the mirrors’ explosions on camera. It was a process that explored reality and fantasy.

In examining his own reality, Halperin found beauty in the floral arrangements outside New York delis. Thus, a floral theme was born. He offered them in iterations lifelike and otherwise to entice women to dress up. There were eight mix-and-match floral prints meant to be layered together, brightly colored short-sleeve blouses with minimal leaf embroidery, classic scarf prints and Uzbek embroidery that lent an artisanal touch to outerwear and A-line skirts. Tailoring proved exciting, with x-stitch floral embroidery that was crafty and pixelated. It’s hard not to smile seeing his look-book models posing in head-to-toe floral looks in front of deli flowers.

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