Well into its third month of openings that just meandered through the men’s fall 2019 season and into this week’s premier event — couture — pre-fall now strikes as mostly ho-hum and beside the point.

So it’s nice to be reminded that even at the tail end of a way too long, largely forgettable stretch, good clothes will always resonate. Miuccia Prada is just the person to send that message, and did so with her delightful Miu Miu collection.

Imagine the young Diana Spencer gone a little bit punk. No real subversion, mind you, just a good girl’s aspirational take on disaffected attitude. Read: ruffled shirts and collars mixed with loose-knit, undone sweaters and baggy pants, tapered towards the ankle. Add in pretend heraldic crests, classic Miu Miu sparkle in sequins and gold leather, and some Tyrolean action — pretty flowers, sturdy fabrics, external corsetry — and you’ve got the makings of a charming collection interesting enough to put an upbeat punctuation mark on pre-fall.
Now enough already. Real fall is but a fortnight away.