MM6 Maison Margiela’s pre-fall collection was discernibly Margiela. Take the last eight looks of the lineup: easy silhouettes — dresses, jumpsuits, denim sets — were manipulated to become letters — more commercial “M” pleated nude and black skirt, “A” jumpsuit, “R” white on black denim set or abstract “L” dress, “A” bodysuit and so forth, resulting in a full “M-A-R-G-I-E-L-A” (a glittering, blue hand finishing off the “6”) lineup. Clever, fun, lighthearted yet wearable.

Outside of the obvious, brand staples ran throughout: a white shift dress referencing their iconic white lab coat or easy, boxy tailoring offerings in new shapes — blazers with pleated, detachable skirts or a mismatched plaid dress that resembled a vest and skirt set. Two of the most interesting looks included ankle-length dresses with open backs that revealed pleated underlayer dresses. The lineup was eclectic in texture — a lace dress, chunky knits, mohair sets, silky tops and an oversized velvet dress —  and had fun, offbeat details — jean pocket shaped bags, pants with zip-off slashes at the knee, 5-toe Tabi-like booties — throughout, but it worked.

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