Veronica Beard thrives in the realm of practical and posh novelty. Designers Veronica Miele Beard and Veronica Swanson Beard can’t seem to make enough of their signature dickeys to meet customer demand, including this season’s cozy knit turtleneck style with contrast tipping. There’s good reason, too, as the wealth of variety in these dickeys transform any look with minimal effort.

They continued that thread of novelty with a collection all about refined rustic recreation drawn from camp culture and chic lake life. Recreational beading lent itself to statement neckline embellishments on a casual bomber jacket and the cuffs of a fitted plaid blazer, while the bold regatta stripes of a red suit were taken from oar art. Elaborately beaded belts topped off looks for a crafty element.

The influence of men’s wear was seen not only in the oar art but in color-blocked track suits, suiting with athletic stripes feminized with lace, and utility pockets found on a Mod-ish dress and casual yet sophisticated plaid jacket with swing back. Sportswear was elevated, too, through fabric selection, like biker shorts cut in herringbone and gym shorts and joggers cut in leather.

The designers are experts at playful mix-and-match dressing, offering light and airy striped knit sweaters and ones with detachable poplin sleeves that pair equally well with a tweed miniskirt or any number of jeans with novel center zip, waist tie or “sun butt” outline — which looks just as it sounds.

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