Buzzy three-year-old label Rixo London has gained renown — and an impressive retail footprint for such a young label — for its fluid, easy-to-wear print dresses based on hand-drawn designs.

For pre-fall, Henrietta Rix and Orlagh McCloskey offered up a palette centered on pale pastel shades, mixing floral and seashell designs with more graphic motifs like green stripes that had a hint of the tie-dye effect about them or another pattern that evoked something between an animal print and the light reflecting off the rain on a window.

A bias-cut floral print dress with a white background was given a contrasting white chiffon upper part with flocked black polka dots, modernizing a look that might otherwise land in pure vintage territory. Other statement pieces included a long, lightweight V-neck dress embellished with diagonal stripes of sequins in unicorn hues that will no doubt prove popular with the Instagram set the label does so well with.

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