Isabel Marant pushed her collection upscale, latching on to the idea that women are after fewer, timeless pieces these days. It was, in keeping with her personality and in her own words, straight to the point: a sleek and handsome offer built around a tight selection of pieces.

Ivory and a nutty brown worked together effectively; she dressed up short, straight-cut trousers in a creamy color with a long, buttery leather trenchcoat in a light chestnut. Similarly, a white T-shirt and super-high-waisted jean combo — the waistline skimmed the ribs — was topped with a cropped collarless jacket with extra long fringes.

Toggling between comfort and sophistication — typical Marant stomping ground — she married shearling capes, felted ponchos and boiled wool sweaters with leather skirts — short and long — fluid dresses and sharp-shouldered suits. Here was a fine illustration of the breadth and staying power of a label that makes a strong case for fashion, surely drawing in converts along the way.