The joyful, flamboyant mood of a tropical summer: For the resort season, Emilio Pucci’s design team embraced a happy, colorful aesthetic that injected an energetic vibe into the brand’s lineup.

A kaleidoscope of new prints, featuring a more graphic look compared to archival motifs, was juxtaposed with eye-catching solids, such as sunflower yellow, hot pink and strawberry red. There was something sensual about the fitted dresses and the mini skirts embellished with embroideries and trimmed with raffia fringes.

Breezy caftans were decorated with prints at the cuffs, while silk inserts gave a luxurious touch to cropped, wide-leg jeans. If a foldable maxi K-way showed the most sporty and practical face of the brand, evening dresses featuring all-over embroideries were designed for jet-setters.

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