“We’re in the Eighties,” remarked Alexa Chung. After designing a few collections she deemed anglo-centric — from her quirky British school girl “Prom Gone Wrong” collection to her more countryside “Virginia” collection — Chung was feeling nostalgic for New York, a place she called home for seven years. So for her latest collection, she reimagined Eighties glamour on the streets of the Lower East Side and East Village. Titled “Ludlow,” the collection gave a modern, daytime look to the era with ra-ra skirts and frilly dresses that contrasted ballet-dancer-inspired layers and tougher tomboy daily essentials.

“It’s so wrong it’s right,” Chung confessed of her lively collection of “dancer by day and city ‘It’ girl by night.” While there were plenty of prints and colors, like a green leather ruffled dress and matching trenchcoat or a plaid bodysuit paired with a great pair of plaid jeans, the collection worked. For instance, easy, shrunken cardigans or a double-breasted jacket could be easily mix-and-matched with her lipstick red party and a pair of Chung’s playful shoes.

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