Romance is the bedrock of Laura Vassar and Kristopher Brock’s vision for Brock. Their resort collection embodied the dreamy, soft-focus fairytale for which they’ve become known. It was full of floral taffeta dresses with corsetry details and nostalgic silk jacquards that felt plucked from a time long ago (some of them were — the designers work with their mills archives, some dating back to the 1700s), but it also offered a new sense of simplicity.

“We kept going back to this idea of freedom,” said Vassar. A series of fresh, white cotton poplins included a slightly cropped top that was gently tucked and billowy over a button-down skirt, and a clean, pretty apron dress with a full skirt. Silk jacquard gingham tailoring layered with delicate floral bras captured the idea of openness and modernity Vassar and Brock were after, even if it was a bit more dream than reality. But to that end, the collection is growing — the resort lineup was the first Brock season done through a license with Onward. The assortment was broad and balanced with bras, corsets and gowns to fuel the fairytale and knits, denim and tailoring to bring it down to earth.

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