Jane Siskin hits a sweet spot when it comes to strong basics with novelty treatments. Her customers know to come to her for great flirty dresses and tongue-in-cheek graphic tops, like this season’s “Je Ne Care Pas” T that translates to “I do not care.” The designer favored separates for resort — which is more of a preamble to spring — embracing eclectic pattern play that speaks to a global customer who incorporates different references along her travels. In truth, it’s how modern women are dressing now.

The collection held the slightest Asian thread inspired by Siskin’s business travels, too. Physical manifestations included dragon embroideries atop transitional utility jackets and studded Ts, along with a sweet “Snapdragon” floral print cut into slightly fluted skirts and cropped puffer jackets. A stylistic view of cultural dress inspired the casual thread that came with a side of polish. Nothing said put-together ease quite like the punchy short dresses with built-in layering.

There were a fair amount of sleek day-to-evening options: an embroidered velvet slip perfect for the holiday rounds, ruched crop top and matching skirt sets, or hardware-adorned blazers and slit pants that were incredibly sleek when worn together or more grounded when broken apart and styled with cotton separates. Buyers have been drawn to the red dahlia iteration, though the black version maintained a rare balance of modern, edgy and elegant.

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