After not creating a resort collection last year, Josie Natori is bringing it back for 2019 and according to the designer, it serves to be a palette-cleanse from her fall collection. “It is about clean and seasonless clothing. It feels like refresh after the prints and brights we had for fall,” Natori commented. Heavy on black-and-white and graphic prints, Natori didn’t shy away from color, but kept it measured. Ruffled one-shouldered denim jumpsuits in black and white hung next to sliplike dresses with black sheer overlays. In contrast, Natori focused on tops and dresses, a mix coming in a variety of a colorful brush-stroke prints and a heavy investment on the maxidress category.

The culture of dress continues to evolve to a more casual sensibility and Natori with all her embellishment and frivolity isn’t immune. Her answer to casual dress are crisp white T-shirts with floral adornments, a nylon parka with delicate floral appliqués and even a hoodie with a colorful floral stitched detail that let you know it isn’t just any hoodie, but a hoodie by Josie Natori. This slight push into casual dress could bode well for Natori as it could bring her a new customer and help her to expand what she is already known for: feminine dressing with a focus on delicate embellishment.