Just after launching Land of Distraction’s second collection, Danita Short, the brand’s muse, chief executive officer and executive creative director, took Christian Juul Nielsen, creative director, down south to Nashville, Memphis, Dallas and Austin, Tex., for a whirlwind inspiration road trip packed with music and fashion.

“What was cute for me down there was all the bands trying to make it. We’d go into bars at night, have a beer and see these little bands, with their tattoos and their vintage…a little glitter, some old jeans, corduroys…cute little looks. It was very much about ‘anything goes.’ They weren’t dressed up to match,” Nielsen reflected of his first trip to the south.

The “anything goes” mentality eased its way into the duo’s designs that continued to fuse utility and rock glam for Land of Distraction’s strong third collection. The mentality held a distinct fashion sense. For instance, tonal plaid on plaid shirting, brown velvet bike shorts paired with a chunky plaid jacket with corduroy pockets and collar, or a fighting hare printed blouse layered under a sleeveless graphic sweater with woven details to resemble top-stitching and chunky utility vest. Corduroy and denim, staples from Collections 1 and 2 continued in updated washes and shapes — tan, white and light blue for the denim trousers, hoodie and dress, while corduroy was almost exclusively green and offered as a bomber, skirt and trousers; there were even two uber-soft knit ribbed dresses that resembled the texture. The southern style mixed with the brand’s Seventies DNA felt modern, with chunky knits, unlined trenchcoat with plaid collar, top-stitched flowy dresses with varsity striped collars and even a studded utility jacket with nod to their trip to Graceland.

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