The design collective at MM6 is toying around for resort, quite literally. In stark contrast to the modernist, all-silver Space-Age gloss from fall, the latest collection from the Margiela subsidiary focused on the nostalgia of childhood, running the gamut of maximized takes on children’s clothing to tops with screen-printed games like “connect the dots” and “paint by numbers” begging to be played (all complete with marker). Even jewelry referenced elastic coil bands and split-heart pieces shared by best friends.

It began with vintage children’s items, from which the design team reckoned into eclectic variations, like chunky knit polos or nautical schoolyard uniforms with detachable scarfs. The scarves appeared in degrees of functionality, accenting collars and hoods, providing pops of color and lightweight alternatives to belts.

The boxy, giving silhouettes most prominent in the lineup took their cue from little girls’ Sunday dresses; the one literal offering skewed madame, while iterations with playful floral prints or in military green were the approachable pieces pulsating with youthful charm. The boxy shape was also applied to tops and outerwear, rendered in denim and straddling a line of street and refinement.

There were references to house codes as well, namely the denim but also shirting (all playfully reworked, with a standout cut into a circle) and tailoring (one plaid blazer in particular was intentionally made with creased sleeves as if just removed from a box).

Though it lacked the impact of fall, there were a lot of elements to making this collection more approachable, more functional, with a sense of familiar items to mix and match.