Prabal Gurung’s fashion dialogue has been driven by cultural and political discourse, so it isn’t surprising to learn his resort collection stems in part from teens in America pushing forward hard-to-swallow issues.

What might be surprising is the optimistic output, pitting colorful prints and textures against signature silhouettes and an overall carefree disposition.

When Gurung realized the driving power of youth-led movements, he began reminiscing about his own coming of age in Nepal’s Thamel neighborhood — also cheekily referred to as “Freak Street,” a melting pot of inclusive culture where people could go unplugged. “You could be yourself,” the designer said during a walk-through. “It allowed me to be free and do different things.” 

The psychedelic nature of Thamel’s hippie culture in the Seventies informed the tie-dye pattern and paisley prints rendered onto free-flowing dresses, hand-dyed sweaters, breezy off-the-shoulder tops and signature button dresses. He riffed on the Seventies without getting lost in it. The various plaids on a sleek patchwork trench drew from the mishmash of ideas in Thamel, while armored sequins sought to reflect vibrancy.

In general, the lineup pulsed with a more casual current; silhouettes were more fluid, twinsets more prevalent. He played up the versatility of that button dress with different fabrics, each one fit for a different occasion, addressing the needs of both travelers and city dwellers. The designer rounded out the lineup with a set of great tailoring, including a figure-loving shorts suit with contrast lacing down the jacket.

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