With resort being a tricky season, Rebecca Taylor focused on designing items that felt very desirable, ones to refresh your wardrobe no matter where you lived or were traveling to. The best part of the collection was the versatile way everything could be worn: a paisley jumpsuit could be layered with a turtleneck and boots for the streets of New York or as is for her customers at Fashion Island. This duality remained throughout with her ruffled dresses, offered in varying prints: two of her strongest being calf-length in navy polka dots of varying sizes or in an abstract “crouching tiger, hidden leopard” print with smocked bodice and shoulder ties.

Suiting elements, high-waisted pants, skirts and various blazers in plaid added savvy, strategic layers to more romantic, high-neck sheer black tops or easy, knit layers with puffed shoulders. Overall, the collection had an elegant, approachable ease, something her customers are surely looking for.

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