Sandy Liang has always designed for cool downtown urbanites like herself. She launched four years ago with subversive statement outerwear that appealed to girls who wanted a little more edge to their cold-weather wardrobes. As the designer has grown older, she’s realized she needs more to round out her personal closet, steadily introducing categories each season.

The exciting news for resort was the launch of cut-and-sew knitwear that added an expanded dimension of layering. A snow-leopard-print T-shirt was fused with a baby-blue mesh long-sleeved top for a pre-styled and easy throwback look, as was a solid mock neck and leopard-sleeved illusionary combo. “It’s a casual assortment I can wear and chill in,” she said in her studio, adding: “It looks very childish. I like that effect.”

Other casual pieces included the “congee” T every buyer has been gravitating toward, which prints the actual business number and menu from her dad’s restaurant, and butterfly-printed denim sets named after Mariah Carey.

There’s a reliable thread of offbeat eccentricity to Liang’s designs, such as trompe l’oeil dresses with panty and bra outlines, a sheer snakeskin-printed dress and a leather skirt with built-in fanny pack. She offered reissues of her favorites, as well, including the apron silhouette updated to include a skirt, leather dress, top and longer dress with multiple “Cinderella” pockets. Her preference for sportswear resulted in a new cropped-yet-wide fleece and a mixed print sweater inspired by her grandma’s favor of leopard with florals. “I feel like I’m learning more and more about what I’ve liked from my past collections and building that brand DNA back up.”

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