Sarah Staudinger has managed to develop a successful line of ready-to-wear and accessories for Staud that fuse retro classics with a modern touch; resort continued along this path, channeling colorful nightlife and a celebration of discos with a bit of Seventies flair. “A true holiday collection,” Staudinger described it, racks lined with rainbow dot tulle, colorful panels inserted on dresses and jumpsuits and some seriously fun rainbow pinstripe suiting. Accessories, an important part of the brand’s business, were updated with novelty details as well, with matching rainbow beaded or black-and-white striped bags enclosed in her signature clear PVC bags. Staudinger even brought the PVC into rtw through a half-clear, half-black trenchcoat and tank dress.

Outside of holiday, a cropped navy pinstripe blazer and high-waisted trousers with suede suspenders made for a strong addition to the collection. A lilac jacket with tailored waist and black-and-white knits paired with new, classic leather bag shapes made for a nice addition to the brand’s expanding lineup. Staud noted that 12 of the looks belonged to a capsule of exclusives for Net-a-porter.

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