Victoria Beckham had the Eighties on the brain when designing VVB resort. “Top Gun,” “Pretty in Pink,” “Sixteen Candles” and Winona Ryder off-duty were some of the references she incorporated into the lineup, albeit in a relatively understated way. She may have been imagining John Hughes’ era of prom dresses but there wasn’t much in the way of pastel pink or poufy.

Mini dresses, in black leather and gold lamé, were streamlined and fitted with high necklines and long sleeves with a slight pouf at the shoulder. Stone-washed denim was paired back to white T-shirts and blazers and the aviator jacket “Top Gun” references felt classic as opposed to campy throwback. “Everything is fun, colorful and playful, but less oversized than it has been in previous collections,” said Beckham. She knew how to target the best of the Eighties and leave the rest of it.