Andrew Gn wants to bring back black and white in an Internet age obsessed with color.

Like many designers, he has felt under pressure to use bright hues to make his outfits pop for online buyers. But what about those chic wardrobe staples like a white shirt and a little black dress? “It’s very tricky these days — anything which is visually uninteresting is not really salable online,” he said.

For his resort collection, Gn found a compromise of sorts: graphic black-and-white patterns inspired by the Vienna Secession art movement. A black dress with three-quarter-length sleeves featured the geometric motifs at the neckline and hem, while a day dress came in a deconstructed houndstooth print.

A checkerboard pattern was a recurring motif that translated into color, namely in a yellow-and-white cape dress embroidered with an oversized gold brooch motif. And there were still plenty of Instagram-friendly designs, including dresses in a charming narcissus print.

Still, Gn hopes the tide will turn back in favor of darkness.

“There’s only so many colors you can wear, and sometimes you feel safe and protected and more relaxed in black,” he mused. “I still think that black is a very essential part of the wardrobe, and I truly believe that one should really find a great way to photograph black.”