The prints that formed the backbone of the Christian Wijnants resort collection were rich, adding texture to silhouettes that spoke with flow rather than volume.

“I wanted something very fresh, very colorful to have bright colors, to have a mix of colors,” explained the designer, who suspects his recent trip to Japan served as a subtle influence. He found it surprising how Japanese mix warm and cold tones and sought to experiment more with colors himself. The result was an array of atypical but compelling combinations — a pale blue and reddish brown worked especially well together.

In a busier example, he piled on layers of colored patterns. The base was a loose, buttoned-up dress with a stylized flower print — blue on white. Next came the scarf, in a light salmon tone, tied around the waist, and on top, a long, green coat in an animal-like print, but not much different from the original flowers. Finishing off the look, a pair of yellow gloves rose past the elbow.

Gloves were a highlight, adding a shiny accent, and also came in brown and a bright, pale blue. When it came to solid black, used for simply cut tops and trousers, loose and wide, the patternless fabric was embellished with a fringe formed by delicate clumps of threads hanging together.