Nehera took to the mountains for resort, offering a reprieve from the frenzy of modern life with an oxygen-infused lineup of earthy-tinged elegance. A bright yellow pantsuit offered a splash of color, the suit jacket buttoned to one side, the front pocket slightly skewed. The same thick, flowing material was used for a long dress with long sleeves that hung past the wrist.

A feather-light cotton material, with thin, light padding, was used for a laced-up top; paired with short, white, lambskin trousers — a chic rendition of thick, wool mountaineer pants of the distant past. Other nods to the theme included thick-soled leather boots, a contemporary and urban version of the hiking boot, as well as patches with vintage versions of the label’s logo with a stylized Edelweiss flower, applied to a navy blue cotton sweater. Completing the outdoor theme was a handmade wicker-basket purse with leather straps, fisherman-style — pulled straight from the past, no adjustments made and rightly so.