For his resort collection, Julien Dossena carried some Nineties grunge looks to the coast of Brittany. There, out of the drawers of the family weekend house came a grandmother’s lacy lingerie, tossed over the city outfit: a long-sleeved leopard top, chain-linked skirt and motorcycle boots.

“We always do these weird weekend looks, mixing things we’d never wear here, but at the same time, these are elements of our adolescence, this spirit is a part of us,” said Dossena. This observation captures the collection: odd in places, yes, but with broad appeal, thanks in part to its familiarity.

The designer continued his game of mix-and-match, pairing a short-sleeved black lace dress with silver-coated jeans and worn with pointy leopard printed booties.

Building on the label’s silver chain mail and fluttering sequined classics — skirts and dresses — he did not neglect the other sides of the brand he has cultivated over recent seasons: sporty crop tops, bras, shorts and stirrup pants from the ever-popular body line and impeccably tailored navy coats and suit jackets, some with pinstripes. A bright yellow fisherman’s raincoat came from the Guy Cotten factory in northwest France, as did a collection of sporty dry bags in bright orange, stamped with logos from both brands.

In the t-shirt department, Dossena went for reggae vibes, offering a lion face framed with a thick mane and labeled Paco Rabanne against a yellow, green and red backdrop.

Jewelry ranged from the all-accessible thick shimmery sequin-lined bracelets and earrings, in clusters, to higher-end thin chain mail earrings cut in simple shapes and chunky gold bracelets and necklaces — designed by Charlotte Chesnais.

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