Travel has always been an integral part of the Ports 1961 brand, and this season the label’s creative director, Natasa Cagalj, ensured that her “urban tribe,” composed of the women she surrounds herself with, have all their needs looked after when abroad.

The Ports 1961 woman is always in motion, so simplicity and ease are key. Trousers were cut wide and there was an emphasis on loose, unstructured shoulders with sleeves cut long. Outerwear continues to be a focal point of the brand and Cagalj wanted her woman to feel protected from the elements with plastic-coated wool coats, making them rainproof. There was also oversized masculine tailoring with a twist in red, blue and ginger.

The brand unveiled its full collection of accessories, including bags in a variety of sizes from softer weekend carryalls to smaller structured handbags.

“I really wanted my woman to be complete,” she said.

Cagalj also sent down a series of shoes to cater to the busy traveler who must pack effectively for different occasions. There’s a flat brogue for casual days out, as well as block-heeled boots that come with leather tubing that can be added to elongate the boot, and a court shoe covered in silver tinsel for a bit of fun.

The designer wanted to pay homage to the Italian and British mills, where the garments are produced and literally splashed her tribute across the scarves and capes with “Made in England” and care instructions slogans.

“The mills are often a starting point for the collections and people are always asking where the garments are made so I want to say it out loud,” Cagalj said.

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