Justin Thornton and Thea Bregazzi continued to explore female empowerment for another season, delivering a fall collection that felt like a celebration of femininity in all its glory.

The discovery of the Haenyeo tribe — a matriarchal community of female divers in the Korean Jeju Island — sparked the designers’ creative process. “They are the original eco-feminists; a dying breed of women who are also the main bread winners of their families. Their husbands stay at home and look after the children; it’s a real matriarchal society but a very happy one,” said Bregazzi.

With the Haenyeo divers in mind, the designers let their imagination run wild with diving suit-inspired neoprene fabrics and embellishments galore, referencing the beauty of the underwater world.

The resulting line-up was as confident as the women who inspired it: the brand’s signature flowing midi dresses were updated with neoprene sleeves and hoods that looked like protective gear, a ruffled sequined skirt was matched with a sporty sweater and sequined fishnet tights and futuristic PVC trenchcoats were done in romantic florals.

Among the standouts was a series of all-white looks at the finalé, which featured heavy sequin and feather embellishments, mirroring the treasures one can find underwater.

There was a lot to take in but the contrasting aesthetics, colors and textures all worked to create standout pieces.

“There are two sides to women. They can be very strong, but there’s also nothing wrong with embracing those beautiful, feminine embellishments,” added Bregazzi.

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