Get your sunglasses ready because this was one bright and busy coed collection featuring colorblocks, painted landscapes, jewel tones and shiny fabrics. There was a lot going on here, and the collection could have done with a bit of curation. Pellizzari’s best pieces were the simplest ones: The long lilac coat that opened the show, a purple sequin wrap dress with full sleeves, and a silky yellow marble-print one with a black marabou collar. A strapless dress printed with a painterly Venetian landscape at sunset was bold — but enchanting.

Other looks were dizzying — and not in a good way: There were shiny, embossed leathers for skirts and jackets that looked bulky and stiff, blindingly bright color-blocked knits that bordered on the clownish. One suit was a mix of three different busy patterns, along with marabou sprouting from the neck and waist, plus gold medallion-like things under the collar. Christian, please make it stop before we all go cross-eyed.

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