Loro Piana has been evolving quickly under chief executive officer Fabio d’Angelantonio, whose team has been injecting much-needed shots of youth into this heritage brand best known for its cashmere and alpaca fabrics.

There was a sporty edge to the fall collection, with contrasting stripes slicked along the edges of long capes with ribbed necks, and a lot of cashmere tracksuits — the latter fast becoming the twinset of the 21st century. Loro Piana also put its own luxury spin on that universal wardrobe staple, denim, crafting it from a mix of cashmere linen and silk for a fur-lined jacket and wide-leg trousers.

The palette buzzed with a youthful energy, too. Gone were the classic neutrals of days past, and in their place was a rainbow of pastels and brights — a radical move for such a traditional company. Shades ranged from duck egg blue for a lightweight fisherman sweater, to malachite green for a boxy turtleneck, and ballet slipper pink for a topcoat. Footwear, too, was on point — and luxurious — with beaver-lined sneakers and suede boots with cashmere on the inside.

“It’s a beautiful brand — we just have to let it flourish,” said d’Angelantonio, who was wrapped up in a soft, tailored baby camel jacket and navy turtleneck sweater. He said one of the best parts of the job so far is that he gets so much attention. “Everyone wants to reach out and stroke my clothing.”

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