Every Alice + Olivia presentation takes you on a kaleidoscopic journey rooted in female empowerment. Designer Stacey Bendet has always positioned her girl to balance characteristics of strength, whimsy and an open mind. She’s into the preppiness of Americana, the boldness of rock ‘n’ roll, the drama of Victoriana and the opulence of chinoiserie. They all factored into her fall lineup — and weren’t as disconnected as they may sound — resulting in eclectic pattern play and an attitude aching to be seen.

Bendet began with the concept of revolution and different historical moments influenced by women. The weight of our current political climate has had considerable influence on her design process over the years, resulting in messages of positivity and love. Here, she aimed to telegraph that boldness and rebellion with visually impactful clothes that were edgy yet glam.

She created a series of rooms to reflect various female-driven events and efforts. The all-women’s university was stocked with collegiate references like basketball jerseys, bright rainbow sequins and casual plaids. A women’s Bill of Rights room winked at the fact that an essay penned by a woman — writing under a pseudonym — was the basis for the official version; the Silk Road room highlighted the early employment of women. This room featured rich textures and patterns worked into singular statement pieces, like a mixed print jacket or metallic chinoiserie dress. Elements of sparkle kept the range bright and thriving, bringing to life the importance of female voices then and now.

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