Piotrek Panszczyk and Beckett Fogg are champions of an eclectic style that is all their own. Their proclivity for a good dose of lamé and high-shine, high-gloss, crystal-studded glam put them on the map. They’ve been focused on expanding that repertoire, first with last season’s colorful daywear, now with a rounded-out wardrobe that’s still eccentric but now has some depth and grit.

The opening patch-worked, leopard-printed, faux-fur-accented coat worn over a crystal fringe-adorned dress and fishnet tights encompassed the collection’s aesthetic goal. She’s now got character and a dark side to her typically peppy disposition. In the designers’ playful hands, the result was retro-meets-modern downtown chic.

They looked to the prints on acetate makeup compacts from the Thirties to inform this season’s leopard and splatter prints, along with an Anna Miller leopard skin dress from the Forties to dictate style. There were some contemporary offerings — a sharply tailored leopard print coat, embellished fishnets and a colorful blouse paired with now-ubiquitous lamé pants. Opting for the manmade, they used faux fur to outline the seams of a dress or accent shoes and bags. With plenty of personality, she could just as easily rock crystal fringe-lined Tevas and maximalist drop earrings.

The diversity of silhouettes naturally invited more retail-friendly options. A graphic striped knit was cut into a cozy sweater and a body-molding dress with warped sleeves. Tailoring continued to be a great category with feminine ruffle flourishes, sharp shoulders and crystal fringe, boasting the type of empowering, alluring confidence Panszczyk and Fogg have built the brand on. Now that we know the designers can provide a full wardrobe year-round, let’s see more of the unapologetic sparkle their girls have come to love.

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