Collina Strada aimed to use her latest collection, and fashion in general, as a platform to lift humanity through an array of novelty fabrics and quirky details on a casting of varying ages, ranging from an adorable baby to coordinating duos of young adults and seniors.

“You cannot start to love another until you love yourself, so why not marry your higher self?” proposed the show notes of Strada’s “Sologamy” Collection. The show even closed with a bride, clad in all white, a pierced T, cargo trousers and silk skirt overlay, proclaiming vows to her higher self (a term associated with multiple belief systems, with importance on knowledge of one’s true self, the notes also added). Pre-vows included a couple of fun pieces: a faux leopard jacket with matching chaps over five-pocket jeans and matching strapless minidress over nude organza dress or yellow corduroy set worn with long organza gloves. A green jacket of faux fur enclosed in organza made for the most interesting of the lot.

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