New advanced contemporary label Land of Distraction might have just launched a mere two and a half months ago, on November 29nd with a shoppable direct-to-consumer drop on February 1, but the brand is already diving deeper into its Seventies-inspired DNA with Collection 2. The brand’s creative director, Christian Juul Nielsen, based the collection around the aesthetic of Danita Short, the brand’s muse, chief executive officer and executive creative director, with men’s wear and utility-inspired pieces. For example, an oversized men’s shirt was reworked as a graphic striped day dress or mustard yellow rubber, double-faced coat. Seventies references held strong throughout, such as a printed vintage floral silk twill vintage dress. The best look was a corduroy salmon pink, drop-shoulder blazer paired with matching salmon pink cropped and flared leather pants and a martini green turtleneck. The collection leaned lifestyle and was a nice continuation from their first offering.

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