Fall 2018 marks the first official women’s wear-only show for Linder, designed solely by Sam Linder after recently deciding to divide and conquer their women’s and men’s businesses with Kirk Millar. Linder cited the feminine spirit of Artemis, the lunar, virgin goddess of the hunt, as well as witches and paganism as influences when designing the collection aimed for independent women who frankly don’t give a damn about dressing for the male audience.

Ready-to-wear was composed of a variety of ideas, ranging from tie-dye and moody, dark florals to gilded leather and reworked shirting and denim. One of the best included an abstract bonfire print, which referenced paganism and was printed on a long-sleeve blouse and paneled skirt. Additionally, casual, topstitched thermal turtlenecks and leggings made for a nice contrast to the heavier plaid and floral skirts and trousers.

Linder’s biggest strengths on the runway included unique takes on accessories and hardware – archery bows were connected to metal chains and fastened to microbags as straps, while silver horns took the place of handles on larger, boxy bags. Kiss locks took the place of traditional pockets on an acrylic faux fur coat, a light blue blazer and plaid skirts. In the end, it was the details of the collection that elevated it to the next level.

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