Designer Amaka Osakwe took a playful jab at the press’ capacity for error in her fall collection. After a feature came out that made the brand seem lingerie-focused, Osakwe began playing around with ideas of how she would actually make bedroom clothing in a Maki Oh way. It’s not a far cry from the narrative she usually crafts for her girl; last year, it was tailored around what she would wear heading to a late-night casual encounter.

Her watchwords this time were “lazy sensual.” It described the inherent sexiness of a sheer white lace dress and metallic cami top, but was just as applicable to the languid pants and mixed print dresses that revealed bits of skin. These fluid dresses felt more in step with the colorful pattern play Osakwe offers, though in a quieter palette.

In fact, some of the strongest pieces drew from tailoring and what her girl is wearing coming home from work. There were slight subversions that provided special elevations, like a plaid blazer with a sleeve cut in a different fabric or a tailored black coat with a single sleeve that opened with a ruffle. Even with the center around sensuality, the ease surrounding these resonated most.

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