The designers behind Tse are looking at the long game, deciding to focus on one designer or idea as inspiration for multiple, or possibly even a year’s worth, of collections. As of pre-fall, this designer was James Turrell. For fall, the collection was centered around “Roden Crater,” Turrell’s large-scale artwork inside of an extinct volcano in Arizona; more specifically, around the gradation of light seen from different times of the day in his work. This resulted in concentration on the gradation of colors and textures into their meticulous ready-to-wear.

While last season’s collection included a plethora of bright hues, fall was purposely more natural, with espresso browns, mauves, blacks and whites, in order for the two lines to sit well together in stores. Repetition was seen throughout in rich knit separates, like a sweater dress that went from beige to grey or grey to pale blue. Textures also graduated on the languid silhouettes from silk to cashmere to brushed cashmere, layered with rabbit fur arm warmers and stoles, in the cardigans, sweaters and skirts. The collection was vast, with silks and chunkier, woven knits throughout. Overall, the collection yet again proved the strength behind consistency and subtle details for the brand.

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