Zoë Jordan’s knitwear-based brand, which has always referenced athleticism, is most often influenced by her personal style of functionality fused with femininity; the fall season was no exception. She expanded her line with silks, angoras and superb color-washed denim for fall. Angora sweaters, new for the brand, were mixed with silky or knit interpretations of the striped tracksuit in supercute miniskirts, sweaters with various cutouts, knit joggers and bombers. Jordan also infused a few pieces of utilitarian, nylon shell jackets that nodded to mountaineering and rock climbing apparel into the collection. Totally cool and approachable knits were meant to be thrown on in layers; she also introduced patchwork knits into the lineup, with wonderful results: one in grayscale with intertwined athletic cording, an additional two of tie-dyed mint greens, lilacs and pinks mixed graphic blacks, whites and reds.

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