By  on March 6, 2018

“Darling, it’s a fitting.” So said Karl Lagerfeld in response to Amanda Harlech’s unsolicited opinion that a particular look worked better without sunglasses. Ultimately, Lagerfeld agreed, and au revoir, eyewear.

A preview chez Chanel is like no other experience. Lagerfeld conducts fittings in his studio on Rue Cambon, where he sits at his desk cluttered with books, jewelry trays, perhaps an iPad or two, a glass of water in Lalique stemware. All of his team involved in producing the show bustle about, variously escorting models from the dressing room; suggesting sunglasses; adjusting hair and makeup; presenting a range of colorful leather glove choices; retrieving handbags from a vast grouping on the floor. Lagerfeld receives you in the midst of it all. What he doesn’t do is disrupt the process for the visit. Rather, he welcomes guests into it, fashion’s most accomplished multitasker alternating focus from model to staffers to interloping journalists. Hence, his quip to Harlech, followed by a reference to his most recent take-your-breath-away set: ”It’s a forest. You will see.”

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