Name: Ambush

Main message: Supported by Amazon Fashion’s at Tokyo program, Ambush’s first runway show was an intimate affair that drew some of the biggest names in Japan’s fashion industry, including Chitose Abe, Jun Takahashi and Hiroshi Fujiwara. Designer Yoon Ahn drew upon her childhood growing up in Seattle to create a collection of Nineties-inspired grunge looks, with a glam allure. The floor of the venue was covered in real grass and the audience sat on wooden crates, hinting at the outdoorsy pieces that were to come. There were puffer jackets, yellow vinyl raincoats, oversized sweaters, plush joggers and cargo pants chopped off as shorts in the front.

The result: Despite all the buzz, Yoon’s collection didn’t have the individuality and edge that her coveted jewelry pieces once did, and her inexperience showed.

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