Name: Jenny Fax

Main message: Shueh Jen-Fang showed a collection that juxtaposed the childlike with the ladylike, the innocent with the sexy. Modern versions of Eighties power outfits — puff sleeve blouses with brightly colored pencil skirts — shared the runway with tent-sized pleated shirtdresses and skirts of long, rainbow-colored fringe. While it was toned down compared with some of her previous offerings, it still had her signature humor. Proportion play was a big theme, with cropped shirts shown over lace tops and shoes adorned with buckles of tiny baby shoes. A dress made with a plastic pool float in the shape of a shark proved the designer has not lost her signature irreverence.

The result: As her brand matures, Shueh Jen-Fang is beginning to show her ability to balance her own quirky Tokyo style with wearability and more commercial looks.

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