Name: Muze

Main message: Following in the footsteps of designers such as Jeremy Scott and Vetements, Masatoshi Ishida and Hiroshi Shibahara made an attempt to mix the commercial with the creative by splashing the logo of a non-fashion company across their clothes. They chose Calorie Mate, a brand of energy bars and gel drinks that is a mainstay in nearly every Japanese convenience store. The logo appeared on the sleeves of a moto jacket, across the bottom of a shirt, and on hoodies, jackets, asymmetric hemmed skirts and dresses. They also showed more simple, outdoorsy pieces in solid colors, such as a turquoise blue windbreaker and black or cream jackets in a combination of nylon and plush fabrics.

The result: The Calorie Mate pieces didn’t always hit the right tone of irony and many looked like simple advertisements, but they at least were more interesting than the rest of the collection.

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