“A girl walking in the snow in mountainous terrain,” is how feather specialist Serkan Cura summarized his eccentric yet likable fall couture effort.

Kept sober in a mostly black-and-white palette, the looks fascinated with their form and texture, marrying fur with a flurry of feathers and, occasionally, Swarovski crystals. The designer produced a series of cocooning outerwear pieces, including an enveloping A-line coat with sewn-in collar, which was made of ivory-colored alpaca fur and matching feathers. Another number suggested a voluminous feather hoodie, while it was actually a bodysuit concealed by its copious structure.

Elsewhere, Cura wrapped his exotic snowbirds in a white ball of feathers or had them peek from in between black ostrich plumes that were arranged like the spiky coat of a porcupine from some Far Eastern fable, given its outlandish, chimerical appearance.

The designer consistently focused on the upper body, matching his spirited creations with simple, high-waist leather pants or bare legs.

While it would take courage to pull off some of the more outré silhouettes, Cura still provided enough wiggle room for a delightfully different street-couture approach.