For his spring Rendez-Vous capsule collection for Roger Vivier, Bruno Frisoni was inspired by the festival scene, notably the Burning Man, and the way different crowds mingle at such events. “You see beautiful women in Valentino, beautiful women with tattoos, beautiful punks, all moving together,” he enthused. The designer channeled these different “tribes” into a series of talismanic designs, offering up glamorous and stylized interpretation of royal eagles, cockerels and moths on a range of designs from high glam heels to sneakers.

The graphic eagle motif was worked with beads or appliquéd leather on the ankle straps of vertiginous sandals, as a loop handle on the front of clutches or as a gem-encrusted emblem across the top of lilac satin sneakers. The moth’s wings, meanwhile, were symbolized in a series of designs featuring satin bows that were more familiar Vivier territory.

Winks to festivals include bright green embroidered sequins evoking palm trees that wrap around the feet on a pair of sandals, as well as the use of a sand and gold palette, seen on a clutch embellished with a sparkling knit mesh.

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