Ronald van der Kemp continued to splice vintage and recycled fabrics into weird and wonderful shapes in this fourth demi-couture collection under the RDVK label. He mixed elements of Eighties power dressing with streetwear references in an irreverent way.

A patchwork quilt was taken apart and reworked into a chaotic and colorful peplum jacket for one look. Elsewhere there were spots, stripes, checks, ruffles, floral and animal prints aplenty, preferably styled in contrasting ways. Camouflage pants were a patchwork of fabrics from different armies, and while tapered at the ankle to give them a sexy touch, they came paired with a peplum lumberjack shirt. Van der Kemp said he had been inspired by origami for the collection, and this was apparent in many of the shapes he created, crumpling and folding the fabrics into exaggerated shapes and playing with jagged hems and bell sleeves.

Stepping beyond recycling, van der Kemp for the first time sourced some of the fabrics — a rough denim, for instance, which was used as a patchwork on a wrap jacket — from Mali, where they were handwoven for the collection as part of a funding initiative aiding schools.

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