Taking his inspiration from the Aztec god Ometeotl and the concept of duality, Rami Kadi combined masculine and feminine forms and fabrics, adorning them with the graphic forms of Meso-American culture in his colorful, glittering embroideries.

Couture staples like transparent organza and tulle provided the backdrop, and were mixed with houndstooth checks, tweeds and industrial materials like aluminum, metal and plastic on his heavily embellished blazers, shirtdresses and gowns in this playful yet striking collection.

He textured his designs with a rainbow of holographic laser-cut sequins, Swarovski crystals and tiny leather and suede patches that provided contrast, his motifs creating graphic effects for a contemporary take on red carpet dressing.

Pale pink leather squares were sewn onto the skirt of one gown, which was cinched at the waist with a matching leather cummerbund to give it a more modern, masculine spin and contrasting with a sequin and ostrich feather-adorned bodice.

From such pastel-dominated designs to brighter looks like a colorful blazer embroidered with leather, crystals and beads that took 350 hours to make, Kadi’s approach to couture dressing was both experimental and eye-catching.

For the bridal look, he used a luminescent surface treatment on the fringed skirt and the ostrich feathers that adorned the bodice, quite literally lighting up the room.

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