In the past, Serkan Sarier shrewdly set his collection apart from the new designer heap by showing off calendar, a few weeks after the Paris shows when there’s more time and attention to spare, if not open-to-buy bucks. That couldn’t last forever, so for fall he joined the fashion week fray, putting his presentation on the last day of a long week. That the clothes still stood out was a great sign for him. Sarier’s sporty take on dressing up — short, snug dresses with racer backs, zippers and drawstring peplums — was revamped in sparkly gold bonded felt, and in a moody blue-and-purple print inspired by artist Glenn Brown. Better yet and newer for Sarier were the beautiful soft scarf dresses. One of them, draped from a single piece of blue-and-white floral velvet burnout, looked like an elegant vase.