When it came to his men’s looks, Michael Bastian was in the mood for an Eighties Mod revival, but the women’s looked more like Ali MacGraw in “Love Story.” For both, there were tweeds, plaids and herringbones, all accessorized and layered to the max in Bastian’s effortless, devil-may-care spirit. Men’s wear included textured blazers and toggle coats over denim shirts, turtlenecks and skinny cargo pants, shown with trim fedoras, big plastic sunglasses and wing-tip Creepers. Women’s pants came plain, printed or plaid, topped with anorak hoodies, ski sweaters and cable-knit ponchos over striped pullovers and cotton shirts. There were also charming suits with fitted jackets and short, swingy or wrapped skirts that brought back memories of MacGraw on the snowy Harvard campus.