“Bar, look here!!!” “Stacy, smile!!!” Refaeli and Keibler, that is. They, along with Petra Nemcova and Taylor Momsen, stepped out of Range Rovers (Land Rover was a show sponsor) and walked the makeshift red carpet at The Plaza as photographers went completely wild. It felt slightly surreal, as if Georgina Chapman and Keren Craig still needed to remind guests of their high-wattage acumen. The elaborate, exquisite collection that followed spoke for itself. Inspired by “A Soul Brought to Heaven,” an angelic work by painter William-Adolphe Bouguereau, the duo worked a highly crafted, dramatic aesthetic — an area in which they’re most comfortable. Their gorgeous lineup included a painterly knee-length, hand-embroidered gold and cream coat with pleated tulle bursting from underneath the hem, several illusion pieces like lace dresses teamed with skeleton bodysuits, and an edgier laser-cut leather dress that may just make young Hollywood swoon.