Taking her cues from the children’s literary classic “The Wind in the Willows” and from traditional British men’s wear fabrics creative director Emma Hill sent out an outerwear-heavy collection packed with plaids, checks and leather. “There’s still a cheeky English humor with the woodland animal prints, but it’s more grown-up, I’m more grown-up,” she said, referring to the flower and meadow prints on dresses with voluminous sleeves and on cropped trousers.

Hill splashed checks onto everything from the sleeves of belted overcoats to the skirts of delicate, shimmery evening dresses. Her checks came in a variety of forms: Hand-knitted, tweed, and mohair for chunky winter coats and jackets. Others were iced with sequins for delicate evening dresses. Hill also worked with leather the long gloves and jackets featured trompe l’oeil zipper details and layered what appeared to be mink onto collars and the fronts of jackets. “No one believes me but it’s not real fur. It’s straightened sheepskin. Sheep with a blow-dry.”

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