Roksanda Ilincic banished the conventional fall color palette and made a range of pinks, plums and greens the focus of her ultrafeminine collection. “I wanted to have a breath of spring fresh air and break with tradition,” she said. The opening look was a cable-knit dress with a diamond pattern in a soft blush pink. That was followed by a parade of dresses in a terrific mix of textures, fabrics and colors, culminating in one the color of mint chocolate-chip ice cream.

Ilincic paired a PVC coat in calamine-lotion pink with a chenille midi-length skirt of the same hue, while a baby pink sheath dress had diamond panels at the waist for womanly definition and a neon orange fold-down collar. Long-haired fur shawls in lurid green and orange were a nice styling touch, as were the witchy shoes from her collaboration with high-street retailer Aldo.