Welcome to crazy town. Dan and Dean Caten issued a 5150 on their fall collection, setting up a psych ward specializing in fashion victims per Dsquared2’s usual cinematic runway mise en scène. The soundtrack sampled quotes from “Grey Gardens” and “Girl, Interrupted,” and the clothes felt very “Valley of the Dolls.” Sirens of Sixties glamour wore column gowns and grand capes festooned with embroideries and feathers, shift dresses with fur stripes and neat Mod-ish jackets. Some of the stylish patients were trailed by sexy clinicians — an Asian duo in white leather capes and another Asian trio in tight, flesh-toned minis. Perhaps this style asylum is located in the East.

Amusing, yes, but the production’s entertainment value exceeded its retro-kitsch fashion quotient, which can be filed under “editorial,” especially when it came to accessories. Dan and Dean came up with a slew of hospital-themed statement pieces, such as bejeweled neck braces, padded cuffs, ankle bracelets and pumps with rubber tubing straps. The only wearable mental-health motif left unmined was the most obviously one: Where were all the straightjackets?