Even at its most restrained, Dennis Basso’s collection was a dressy affair, with many of his furs and evening looks turned into a celebration of color — and lots of it.

Teal broadtail and fox, sapphire chinchilla, emerald Russian sable, burgundy and even fuchsia chinchilla were shaped in cozy little jackets and abundantly wrapped coats — most shown in monotone over short silk twill dresses, blouses with trousers or printed and embroidered gowns.

The best was a fuchsia chinchilla jacket over a fuchsia and bordeaux lace gown. While these jewel tones and rich embroidery brought a fashion flash to the collection, it was some of the black and white cocktail looks that were the more discreet beauties here: a short, hand-embroidered cocktail dress under a two-toned chinchilla vest and a flared sleeveless dress in black bugle beading and white pearl embroidery were the standouts.