Maison Lejaby’s first ready-to-wear collection was designed by Parisian rising talent Léa Peckre, a Grand Prize winner at the Hyères International Festival of Fashion and Photography. Inspired by lingerie, Peckre showed a feminine lineup that played with the idea of transparency and second-skin comfort.

Some pieces had a graceful ballet look, such as the multilayered flesh-tone skirt worn with a turtleneck, while others had a futuristic vibe. A light blue bustier was done in a technical foamy fabric that mimicked lace; high-neck tops with matching front-pleated pants came in either a stretch material or a 3-D fabric.

Peckre is extremely talented and she executed this collection with a fine attention to detail. But with the exception of the alpaca wool coats and dresses, the clothes were so transparent that the lingerie worn underneath was completely visible. While that was just the point, one might not be comfortable wearing them outside the boudoir.